2019-2020 Teaching Schedule

January 11-16: Juneau, AK, Moon of Kindness retreat

February 15-22: Lexington, Ky, Moon of Kindness retreat

March 15-17: Vancouver, BC, Way of the Bodhisattva Warrior retreat

 March 31-April 7: Nelson, BC, Mahamudra retreat

April 19-21: Vancouver, BC, End of Suffering retreat with Elesa Commerse

April 26-28: Seattle WA, End of Suffering retreat with Elesa Commerse

September 6 – 8: Vienna, Austria, Mindful Communication retreat

September 14-15: London, U.K. Mindful Communication retreat

September 20-22: Hamburg, Germany, Mindful Communication retreat

September 27-29: Hamburg, Germany, Mahamudra retreat

November 30 – December 1: Vancouver, BC, Autumn Retreat, Mourning the loss of babies who didn’t survive.

December 14-15: Bellingham, WA: Meditation Retreat


Jan 11-12: Bellingham, WA: Meditation Retreat

Feb 8 – 15: Casa Werma, Mexico: Mahamudra Retreat for women over 60 years of age.

Apr 24-26:  Baltimore, Md : Karuna Training

Apr 29 – May 3: Dennekamp, Holland: Mindful Communication retreat, with Greg Heffron

May 8-10:  Szczecin, Poland: Mindful Communication workshop

June 26- July 10:  Shambhala Mountain Center: Summer Shedra Retreat

Sept 10-17:  Saltspring Island, Stowel Lake Farm Retreat, with Elesa Commerse

Nov 6-8: Los Angeles, Karuna Training

Dec 26- Jan 2: Phoenix, AZ: Winter Retreat