The Five Keys To Mindful Communication



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greenlight-logo-smMindful Heart Communication Trainer & Consultant



Offering individual or small group Mindful Heart communication coaching sessions or workshops.

Faculty: Karuna Training in Contemplative Psychology


Contemplative Psychology

First introduced at Naropa University in 1975 by the Tibetan Buddhist meditation master Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, contemplative psychology was founded in collaboration with leading western psychiatrists and psychologists who were inspired by the therapeutic and clinical implications of the shambhala and tantric buddhist teachings in working with others. Contemplative Psychology is now the pre-eminent psychology in North America and Europe mixing the wisdom and skillful means of buddha nature and inherent healthiness with ordinary situations of helping others.
Contemplative psychology programs are taught by authorized senior Shambhala meditation teachers who are also mental health practitioners with years of clinical experience working with others.

Spiritual Counselor

The path of our spiritual life-story often is found in the shadows of our conventional autobiography. As a spiritual counselor, Susan brings the wealth of her professional experience as a family therapist, but also a commitment to being a companion, ‘dula’ or midwife for life’s transitions, particularly those times when unexpected losses catch us off balance. She offers:

  • ritual support for still birth, pregnancy loss or abortion
  • companionship through terminal illness and loving presence with transition through dying
  • support for grief and loss
  • empty nest and mid-life challenges
  • support through end of relationships