Acharya Programs

Acharya1 As a spiritual teacher, authorized by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Acharya Chapman offers personal guidance, group training, classes and retreats for those who are interested in Shambhala. Please visit for further information on this community.

Here are a few examples:

Public Programs

The following topics can be offered as two hour evening talk, three hour program or one – two day weekend retreats.

The Power of Gentle Communication:

Enlightened Society is possible because human relationships are basically good.  When attunement is lost, we suffer.  In this teaching, we explore the hidden power that comes from knowing how to reconnect with each other both individually and as a community.

The Tender Space of the Heart:

The teachings on Contemplative Psychology offer an optimistic and fresh approach to human suffering and the healing process.

The weekend version of this teaching includes experiential exercises in the six projected states of mind ( the six realms) and the practice of compassionate presence.

Death, Dying and the Family:

Talking about death isn’t easy. It is one thing to come to terms with our own mortality, but we also have to consider our family and other relationships. In this program we learn about the Shambhala Buddhist view of death, including ceremonies and rituals, and discuss the support that families need before, during and after the loss of a loved one.