Mindful Heart Communication Trainings

Mindful Heart Communication Workshops

“ Enlightened society is created one conversation at a time”.   

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

” Green Zone Conversations” are trainings in Mindful Heart communication based upon the book: The Five Keys To Mindful Communication.  This approach is rooted in the principles of contemplative psychology introduced in 1974 by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.( see bio page for more information about this model).


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Weekend Programs:


Due to the escalation of hate-speech and misinformation in our global communities, we are dedicating our 2017 programs to training in interrupting aggressive narratives.

Interrupting Heartless Mind: The Power of Peacemaking

The focus is on using skills of mindfulness and compassion to interrupt the four stages of heartless-mind: complaint, divisiveness, blame and retaliation.

other programs include

 The Five Keys To Mindful Communication: 

This weekend workshop identifies ‘open, closed and in-between’ patterns in our conversations and our relationships using the green, red and yellow light symbols.   The format includes mindfulness meditation, brief talks, mudra space awareness exercises, dialogue groups.  It is an introduction to the themes of the book The Five Keys To Mindful Communication.

The focus is on deep listening and opening to the practice of we-first conversations—exploring and cultivating the basic goodness in others.  The challenge is to recognize and overcome the red light pattern of ‘see-saw’ conversations, using comparisons and opinions to inflate ourselves at the expense of others.

Unmasking Mindless Heart: Disappointment and the path of genuine love 

The focus is on a we-first approach to love, finding the balance between friendliness to ourselves and love for another.  We explore how the Yellow Light experience of disappointment helps us to unmask four misunderstandings about love: Romantic Eternalism, Addictive Craving, Enmeshed Intimacy and Mindless Compassion. These four masks are habitual ways that use other people as a way of running away from ourselves.

 The Chemistry Of Emotions:  Open, Closed and In-between

The focus is on investigating and distinguishing the tender, empathic emotions of the ‘heart of sadness’ from the secondary ‘red light’ emotions that cause harm.  ‘In-between’ are the fears and self-doubts that normally trigger us to shut down.  In this workshop we protect this fearful mind in a ‘green zone’ with unconditional kindness and acceptance so that we can investigate the source of our fear-based identity.