Joyful Sadness

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Today I am saying goodbye to my little white pony. She’s been with me for four years mostly folded up in the front hall closet. I got her in the spring of 2020 when I discovered that I could finally own an electric bike despite living in a small apartment with no safe place to store it. Amazingly, I found one that folded up!  The first time I rode it was a flashback to my childhood when I flew around the neighbourhood on my bike imagining it was the horse of my dreams. That joy and playfulness returned instantly, with the thrill of being out riding again and charging up hills I had long given up on. But that was four years ago and a lot has happened since then. Now my bones have been weakened by chemotherapy and a new thyroid condition, so I’m coming to terms with the fact that my body can’t afford a fall. So, I’m going to say goodbye to my friend and hope that she gives joy to her next owner.


Is there something you are letting go of today? If so, I hope you can feel the joy of happy memories and the sadness of saying goodbye with lovingkindness. Even the smallest opportunity to be part of the flow of impermanence in our life is precious. Thank goodness it’s springtime and the little shoots of green are coming up through the beige winter fields. A time to remember that new beginnings rise up from endings. Good luck and sending love to you, wherever you are.