A Bardo Journey

The darkest times in our life can be the most transformational. Using my own cancer journey as an example, I’m exploring how to apply the Buddhist teachings on the ‘bardo’–the gaps in our normal life–to discover what it means to truly live our life to the fullest.


“According to the Tibetan Book of the Dead a bardo is a period of great transition and uncertainty. Change is an inevitable part of life, but often when it comes to the BIG changes like a divorce, a career change, the death of a parent or a pandemic we often freeze or panic. Time spent in a bardo cuts to the core of who we are and tests our resolve to stay present in the midst of what feels like chaos. However, if we have trained in the practice of mindfulness it is possible to meet uncertainty with openness and navigate our way through the bardo to a place that reflects our highest aspirations rather than our fears.”

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Awake In Relationship podcast, episode 6